3 Chinese Weapons of War the U.S. Navy Should Fear

SCSC - The U.S. Navy has a problem. The amount of threats it faces when it comes to ensuring the global commons remain open and free keep multiplying. Most of them come from what we have dubbed anti - access/area - denial strategies and weapons systems. Nations like China, Iran, Russia and in some respects North Korea and various non - state actors all want to raise the costs for Washington’s naval assets to operate near their coasts in the event of a crisis or war. [READ MORE]

China Has Grown to Worls 3rd Biggest Arms Exporter

SCSC - BEIJING — China has overtaken Germany to become the world's third - biggest arms exporter, although its 5 percent share remains small compared to the combined 58 percent of exports from the U.S. and Russia, a new study says.

China's share of the global arms market rose 143 percent from 2010 to 2014, a period during which the total volume of global arms transfers rose by 16 percent over the previous five years, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute said in a report released Monday. [READ MORE]

In a Test of Wills, Japanese Fighter Pilots Confront Chinese

SCSC - A pilot back from training at Naha Air Base in Okinawa. Under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Japan has embarked on a sweeping overhaul of its military. CreditKo Sasaki for The New York Times

NAHA, Japan — Once a sleepy, sun - soaked backwater, this air base on the southern island of Okinawa has become the forefront of a dangerous test of wills between two of Asia’s largest powers, Japan and China. [READ MORE]


SCSC - John J. Mearsheimer concludes his book, The Tragedy of Great Power Politics, with the chapter “Can China Rise Peacefully?” This is certainly on the minds of many, as over the past few years the size of China’s economy has overtaken that of the U.S. While China’s economy grows, so too has her aggressive stance on her territorial claims in the South China Sea, Scarborough Shoal and the Senkaku Islands.

Coupled with her rapid double digit increases in military spending, one would be hard pressed not to conclude that China is quickly rising to “Great Power” status, if not there already. [READ MORE]

A Modern Cult of Personality? Xi Jinping Aspires To Be The Equal of Mao and Deng

SCSC - Having been in office for just over two years, President Xi Jinping has already laid claim to being the third most powerful politician of post - liberation China, just after Chairman Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping, the architect of China’s economic reforms. Having gained control over what Chinese commentators call “the gun and the knife”—a reference to the army, police, spies and the all - powerful graft - busters—the Fifth - Generation titan is quickly growing his body of dictums and instructions on ideology, governance and related issues. [READ MORE]

Pothole potential on China’s silk roads

SCSC - Communist Party of China (CPC) General Secretary and Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the Silk Road Economic Belt (sichouzhilu jingjidai) in a speech on September 7, 2013, at the Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan [1] and the Maritime Silk Road (haishang sichouzhilu) during his visit to Indonesia the following month. [READ MORE]

Modi's Indian Ocean Tour Shows That India's Watching China

SCSC - NEW DELHI - India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has embarked on a tour across the Indian Ocean this week that is noteworthy both for where he's going and where he's not.

He's already arrived in the Seychelles, a strategically important island off the African coast that has become increasingly close to India in its geopolitical orientation, though it is 3,800 kilometers from the Indian coast. [READ MORE]

China warns that Uighurs joining Islamic State fight are bringing terror home

SCSC - Analysts caution Beijing often promotes false information to justify crackdowns

Zhang Chunxian, the Communist Party secretary of the Xinjiang province, claimed Tuesday that an unspecified number of Uighurs have “fled overseas and joined the Islamic State”. “We have also found that some who fought returned to Xinjiang to participate in … [READ MORE]

China and Pakistan’s All - Weather Friendship

SCSC - The two countries enjoy remarkably enduring relations.

Much to the befuddlement of the rest of the world – and as ironic as it is – Communist China and Islamic Pakistan are fast friends. It’s all hail to China in Pakistan and as other partnerships wither and die, these two countries continue to devote energy to strengthening their relationship.

China has historically come to Pakistan’s rescue with economic, political, military and nuclear assistance and perhaps what was once a relationship founded on a mutual disillusionment with India has moved toward one with more aspirational intentions on both sides. [READ MORE]

Made in China?

SCSC - BY MAKING things and selling them to foreigners, China has transformed itself—and the world economy with it. In 1990 it produced less than 3% of global manufacturing output by value; its share now is nearly a quarter. China produces about 80% of the world’s air - conditioners, 70% of its mobile phones and 60% of its shoes. The white heat of China’s ascent has forged supply chains that reach deep into South - East Asia. This “Factory Asia” now makes almost half the world’s goods. [READ MORE]

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